Success Testimonies

Luca Melloni and Lily Rosales told us that life is a quest. “People are looking again for True Health. They are in a constant search motivated by passion; but also what keeps you in this search is the hunger for getting something more. But what is going to let us achieve a final result is Vision”, said Luca. “It is not enough to do FuXion, to only have the check in one’s pocket”. “The key is in LIVING FuXion, which means having a life philosophy. It’s turning into a chaser of true health”.

Lily, on the other hand, talked to us about the importance of trust: You have to trust your president, your team, but mainly, you should trust yourself. You have everything in you, it’s only a matter of starting to work on yourself and bring out all your talents and capabilities; you have to say “I can”. Let trust and gratitude be your daily prayer. Start by committing yourself to your essence; pledge to reach to be who you have to be. Create your own magical story with FuXion. What happens in life happens to make you stronger. Many times the worst day of your life can be the greatest gift”, said Lily.
In her opinion, nothing is going to happen to us if we don’t allow ourselves to be affected, and that is what is going to let us transcend into other people. The moment we are carriers of “virus X” we can begin to spread it. We are going to be aware of this impact when we start to experience movements in our life. Happiness is to transform oneself into the person you want to become.“A FuXion leader is someone with high energy, a contagious energy; an energy that shows in your attitude, in your mood, in all aspects of your life. We can all be X carriers”, says Lily.
For Luca, this X path is our life choice: “FuXion allows you to come out of your fishbowl. If you don’t have a life plan now, FuXion can be your plan, and things are going to start happening to you. Let yourself be influenced by virus X”, he firmly emphasized.
“To be an X carrier is to make an impact with an opportunity in a professional way; to be an X carrier is to make a high energy impact; and to be an X carrier is to make an impact with love and purpose.