The Fuxion Businessman follows System X, which means that you must accept commitments of time learning and working with your sponsor. Complying fully with your commitments is essential to get results and make money.


If you say you will do something, do it, fast and well, without any limitations. Attend promptly to all of your meetings. Meet all activities planned in your diary. Daily consume the products you need to achieve the result you want, which is to run your business as indicated by System X. Teach your team to say what you say and do what you do.


This business is based on duplication, in relationships and in being a good example. Do not buy competing products because you would be giving an inconsistent message. It harms the growth rate of your business to divert your own resources and those of your partners to another business.


Guests not recruited by other Entrepreneurs. Always use caring ethics, which is to ask if it is the first time someone has been exposed to the Fuxion Opporunity. Do not try to recruit a person who has already been invited by another to a Business Opportunity meeting or one of the events. Respect other members of Entrepreneurs. Do not promote a businessman try changing placement or sponsorship line or network. Respect the retail price. Only Fuxion Entrepreneurs can buy products at a discount. No selling of products between Entrepreneurs.


All the benefits you get from Business System X will give you reason to be thankful! Thank your team and your upline. Whenever you receive recognition for your accomplishments, always remember to thank the people who worked together with you because they are co-authors of your successes.


In this business, the building is to highlight the qualities of a person, organization or company to build indestructible human relationships. The main reason is to create an environment of trust conducive to the right time to expose the business opportunity. The building should be done in every situation: Home Meeting, action plan, hotel, training, business meetings, family, friends and others. Talking about the qualities and achievements of your sponsor to build its image with other people, will awaken a greater interest in hearing what you will say and will pay attention.

Una buena práctica es hablar con tu patrocinador y los Empresarios Líderes de su línea ascendente para conocer su historia en el negocio, sus principales logros, su estilo de liderazgo y sus cualidades personales. Comparte esta información con los Empresarios de tu línea descendente.