Compensation Plan

Reaching the life style you have always longed for doesn’t have to be only a dream, with the FuXion Opportunity this is a reality: your work and our unique Compensation Plan are the perfect combination.

Our business model is developed in the NETWORK MARKETING system. The FuXion Opportunity combines and integrates the most successful commercial models in the network marketing industry: the Binary System and the Multilevel System, synthesized in the Hybrid Binary Model, which will give you the freedom of working at your own pace and earning money in 15 different ways; and making the money work for you without a big initial investment.
With the FuXion Opportunity you have 15 ways of winning, a lot of ways reach financial freedom. With our Compensation Plan you WIN for recommending our products; you WIN for the leadership you use to create a working team; you WIN up to 43% for your sales, and up to 57% for your team’s work. You WIN in many ways!